1 to 1 Personal Learning

Jul 15th, 2013

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1 to 1 Personal Learning

For years we’ve accepted group learning environments usually due to traditional schooling methods, resource limitation as well as costs. This is understandable in majority of cases.


However, it seems totally ironic that as Personal Trainers we believe that 1 to 1 training is best for our clients and wouldn’t hesitate on selling them the benefits, yet when it comes to our own development and learning we do not apply this method! Illogical!


Of course by the end of this post you’ll recognise the blatant sales pitch for our courses over our competition however there are benefits and evidence to support 1 to 1 tuition as well as some principles and morals behind this post!


Firstly lets remind ourselves of  some of the benefits of personal 1 to 1 learning

1 – You have the constant attention of the tutor so you can listen to, speak and ask more questions than you might in a group situation

2 – You will get individual learning support for any additional learning needs or learning disabilities you may have

3 – Your strengths and weaknesses are addressed more consistently and fully without the competition of other learners for the tutor’s time

4 – You become a more knowledgeable graduate through face to face training with your tutor

5 – There are less time constraints so you can go at your own pace and not feel pressured by the progress of others in a group

6 – In most cases you’ll complete the relevant objectives and learning outcomes in a shorter time frame due to the focus and concentrated time spent

7 – In most cases you have the flexibility to choose a date/dates of your choice to suit your schedule as opposed to a group schedule

8 – In some instances you can also choose a home venue (where suitable) if preferred


Evidence to Support 1 to 1 Learning

In 2008 Every Child Counts (ECC) was launched under the Labour Government in selected English Primary Schools. ECC is a numeracy programme where a specialist teacher teaches the lowest-achieving Year 2 children on a one-to-one basis for half an hour a day over the course of a term.

The ‘Every Child a Chance Trust’ who runs this programme evaluated the success of the project and was able to show (based on 7820 children taught), ‘an average gain, in number age, of 14 months are made after 20 hours of individualised teaching’, and that, ‘91% of children improved in their attitude and confidence towards mathematics.


Another linked Government scheme called Every Child a Reader (ECaR) also showed the significant benefits of individual tuition; “after 40 hours of individual reading help children advance almost two years in their reading age.” 21,979 children are involved in the 2011 ECaR programme.


Also worthy of note is the numerous anecdotal evidence that we’ve compiled over the years of the benefits of specific individual tutoring that has resulted in more successful outcomes than group work alone.


What we envisage for the future

We hope with the delivery of our 1 to 1 learning to be able to provide a superior, individual experience that not only meets the learning outcomes but develops your skill set and knowledge base to a much higher level than any other training provider. Of course our resources as a small training provider will only allow us to develop a small number of learners at one time, however we believe in quality over quantity!


Also do you think highlighting sentences, keywords etc is a good method to help you study and retain information – think again –  click HERE to find out what the evidence says are the best methods!


Marlon W








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