1 to 1 Personal Learning Individual, face to face learning WILL increase your knowledge more effectively
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Individual Personal Learning(IPL)

I didn’t realise how much I didn’t pick up from my previous training provider being one of 24 people in a class! – 1 to 1 training makes perfect sense and I plan to take more courses this way!

Stephon H

Individual Personal Learning (IPL)


What is it?

IPL is face to face and 1 to 1 learning of your choice of course at a venue of your choice!


1 to 1 training is the most effective and beneficial method for our clients and ourselves to achieve and develop. So WHY when it comes to our own training and development do we NOT apply this same principle and choose this method for ourselves?
Simply because no other training provider offers this facility.

Ask Us How It Can Work For You

That is where KiMotion Training is different, we would rather train fewer individuals but ensure they are of a higher quality – something that has been lost in our industry with most of the larger training providers that have become huge corporations churning out numbers over content and quality!



  • You have the constant attention of the tutor so you can listen to, speak and ask more questions than you might in a group situation
  • You will get individual learning support for any additional learning needs or learning disabilities you may have
  • Your strengths and weaknesses are addressed more consistently and fully without the competition of other learners for the tutor’s time
  • You become a better fitness professional through face to face training with your tutor
  • There are less time constraints so you can go at your own pace and not feel pressured by the progress of others in a group
  • In most cases you’ll complete the course in a shorter time frame due to the focus and concentrated time spent
  • You have the flexibility to choose a date/dates of your choice to suit your schedule as opposed to ours
  • You can also choose a home venue (where suitable) if preferred

How We Do It:

When you select 1 to 1 – You can choose your own preferred date/dates – we can either come to your venue or you can visit one of KiMotion’s learning facilities.

Step 1

ArrowSelect Your Course


Click Training Courses

Step 2

ArrowChoose your Format


Either 1 to 1 or Small Group

Step 3

ArrowSelect a Date


For 1 to 1 – Choose a date/dates that suit your own schedule and your venue Home or KiMotion

For Small group – Choose a date from our schedule

Step 4

ArrowRegister and Purchase 


Go to purchase page to Register and Purchase!


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