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Jun 26th, 2013

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100% Freelance Personal Training

Graduating as a fully qualified advanced personal trainer can lead directly to a life changing career and you may be faced with the decision of going it alone by starting your own business, working within a gym based environment or a combination of the two.
Adopting the self-employed route can be highly lucrative with greater work and holiday flexibility, although starting out can be a daunting and anxious process and developing that critical mass of clients can demotivate the most determined individual.
This should in no way be a deterrent as long as your time can be organised effectively enough to gradually train new clients and develop your fitness business around your current work commitments.


You may well develop a novel or new unique approach to training or create ideas that personalise your service and generate great interest in your company. It is natural to feel protective of these concepts, want to remain secretive amongst other professionals but it can be wise to remember the importance of continually sharing and discussing your ideas. Staying well connected to a community of like-minded individuals E.g., healthcare practitioners, and entrepreneurs on a regular basis will help you cope, discuss problems and plan through fearless discussion of new thoughts and concepts. Preventing yourself from working in isolation will boost your confidence where you will find renewed perspective and increase the likely-hood of being exposed to potential new leads, ideas and an on-going path to growth.


Learning to turn criticism into positive constructive action can take some practice but can become a natural progression once you learn to be your own best critic. Stepping back and viewing your enterprise with outside eyes can help you identify problems and make quick improvements based on what you would expect as a paying customer. Analyse every detail of your service daily and present yourself impeccably. Developing a committed client base can be the biggest initial challenge in starting up, so aim to become a master of persuasion by setting yourself challenges E.g., how long it takes you to engage the attention of a complete stranger and gain their trust in the shortest possible time or working on your selling technique.


Devising and strictly implementing a fare and realistic pay scale can plague new PT’s with fear and uncertainty of setting themselves either too high or too low.
Only you can realistically devise your payment policy but this should be a thorough research process involving market analysis, your target demographic amongst other key expenses. Most importantly remember not to undersell yourself and stick to your set pricing policy. The quicker you find comfort in discussing and dealing with payment the more energy you can redirect into your business.


The statistics indicate an extremely high percentage of new PT fitness graduates never fully pursue the discipline as a career. It is irrelevant how fierce the competition might be, there is without a doubt skills and creativity you possess to develop your own unique approach to your craft that will make you competitive to other available services.


We all experience difficult times in our lives or simply wake up not feeling our usual happy selves. A good example may be that on a particular day you feel you need a brain transplant in order to motivate yourself never mind your next client.
As a freelance personal trainer learn the art of increasing mental toughness on a day to day basis by redirecting your thoughts towards positive empowering ones that keep you well grounded in difficult situations. This type of mental conditioning can ultimately save you a day’s pay or keep you in full control of challenging situation.


Working from check-lists can guarantee you accomplish the highest consistent level of service at each session and keep track of your targets. You owe it to your paying customers to stay committed over the entire duration of the session by articulate useful tips and ideas in a clear and understandable form in relation to their tailored exercise routine.


Undoubtedly we now live in an age where every aspect of consumer decisions are affected in some way by aesthetic visual stimulus. Most of us seek the best quality our money can buy. If you want people to invest in you as a lifestyle brand it is crucial to practice what you preach. Therefore you must aim be a shining example of the message you convey to your clients through positive discipline, commitment to regular training and specialised nutrition. Aim to be a walking billboard for your business by respecting your body and finding a work/leisure balance which will have a positive overflow into your client session time and your inner confidence.

In summary

  • Develop a novel or new unique approach to training and create ideas that make you a specialist
  • Stay well connected to a community of like-minded individuals
  • View your enterprise with outside eyes as if a paying customer.
  • Develop the ability to get the attention of a complete stranger and gain their trust in the shortest possible time
  • Work on your selling technique.
  • Devise your payment policy based on thorough research involving market analysis and your target demographic
  • Redirect your thoughts towards positive empowering ones always
  • Work from check-lists
  • Be a shining example of the message you convey to your clients

So now the time has come to grab the bull by the horns, grasp every positive shred of energy and self-belief you have within you and tread the fearless path into unknown territory. Look to embrace the many challenges that will come your way by transforming them into positive action through your passion for self-growth and improvement.

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