3 Questions to Ask a Training Provider

Nov 11th, 2013

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3 Questions to Ask a Training Provider


When considering a fitness qualification if you are changing career or an existing PT wanting to increase your skills. Where do you start? Who do you go with? There are quite a few to choose from!

Over the years of the delivery of fitness courses and qualifications right the way from Lev2 and Lev3 through to Lev4 and advanced CPD.

We at KiMotion have identified 3 key questions to ask of a potential training provider before you invest.


1              How many Others are Booked on my course?


2             What’s the % of Face to Face teaching across the timetable?


3            What is the Ongoing Support you provide once I’ve finished?


These are the 3 Big questions  majority of previous learners taught have stated they wish they’d asked prior to signing up for a course. So It’s not just our opinion or gut feeling.

It’s quite understandable that they may be overlooked if you do not have a teaching background or you get pressured from a sales person to sign up.


Let’s consider why they are the most important questions to ask!


How many others are booked on my course?

In education the recommended teacher to learner ratio is 1:12. There are obvious reasons for that. Regardless of the tutor/lecturer’s skills there has been a downward trend (in our opinion) over the years in the quality of fitness professional that graduates as a ‘Fitness Instructor’ ‘Personal Trainer’. No wonder if the 2 week or 6 week course respectively has 20-25 in the group being taught by 1 tutor and only 3 days a week being face to face!! You can see how this would impact on the quality of your course and you being competent at the end of it.

This is by no means detracting from the shared learning experiences and motivation that can be had in a group environment however the size of the group is so important to your development so make it a priority to find out!


What is the % of Face to Face teaching across the timetable?

The technology available now serves as a great  medium to enable increased support and convenience of your development, however it should not replace Face to Face teaching/learning because:

Of course having a tutor in front of you to answer questions and queries is the main reason. Also for the tutor to be able reword concepts that can be misunderstood and communicate those concepts using physical movement and practical examples, which is the premise of  fitness instruction and personal training!

Having a tutor in front of you will also ensure you know how well you are progressing and set clear guidelines in exactly what is required to progress with specific aspects of your course.

Remember primarily you will be working with people, that’s what our industry is about, rather than just a ‘body’. So developing communication skills is so important to your success.


What is the ongoing support you provide once I’ve finished?

Be wary of the promise of guaranteed interviews as a number of them can be for Self Employed club based personal training roles which can often lead into heavy financial commitment after your initial ‘rent free’ period. This early in your career will leave you with a bad experience. Read the small print carefully and know what you are signing up for!

In a lot of cases choosing a small training provider is an advantage to you the consumer in that you are less of a ‘number’ and more of an individual which relates to more flexibility in your learning requirements, a more personal service and communication and more importantly a genuine sincere follow up commitment. This is known across all industries in particular the service industry.


While this may seem to be a blatant knocking of the larger training providers out there, there are some that endeavour to get it right. But if you are not careful a training provider can abuse the 3 points above purely to increase their bottom line which will detract from the quality of your course, learning and development!

It shouldn’t be about the Total Number of individuals finishing a course it should be about the Quality of those finishing!

KiMotion believe this principle has been lost over the recent years in our industry and we’re sincere in changing that!



Marlon W


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