Corporate Solutions Develop your team to 'connect' with your members and build relationships that LAST!
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Client testimonial

We have always been consistent with our up-skilling of the Gym Team however the recent training workshop from KiMotion Training has really had an impact, in particular the different approaches of interaction to our different members.

Wanda Shostakovic - Club Manager Club Pro

Who we are:

“We are a fitness education provider whose innovative portfolio has evolved over the past 18 years from fitness management, operational management, personal training and teaching experience. Our training and support has been designed to provide practical application of the skills that are often overlooked in our fitness occupational standards as well as by fitness professionals themselves”. 

Why this training?

Member retention can always be improved and research has clearly shown a dose-response relationship between team interaction, visit frequency and retention. In other words – the more your gym team interact with members that are at risk of dropping out the longer they will stay – increasing retention.    (Table 1)

The obvious answer is to train your staff accordingly to engage and interact with said members, however for this to be truly successful and have the desired effect a key point must not be overlooked

- Ownership of the objective (interaction in this case)

Even if the most motivational trainer delivered training to your team and all saw the benefits and signed up for it, it might initially have an effect in the short term but anecdotally wont last. To make a consistent change in the behaviour of your team we need to adopt the same approach as we are advised for our members in regards to exercise adherence.

It is amazing, we recognise that to significantly change ones behaviour we need to get the ownership from the individual but when it comes to our teams we can if not careful adopt a dictatorial approach and then wonder why it doesn’t work!

It’s the same as a new member trying stick to a program that the Instructor devised/prescribed for them without their buy-in – there is no ownership.

So ask yourself WHY DO WE DO THIS WITH OUR TEAMS??? and do you?

The ownership of the interaction MUST come from your team otherwise it WILL NOT be consistently delivered successfully!

We at KiMotion Training believe in providing your team with tools that truly empower and motivate them to take ownership of the objective of interaction through their passion of exercise that is profile matched to a member’s COMFORT and SUCCESS THRESHOLDS.

Interaction Frequency and Subsequent Visits 

Interaction edit

(Table 1) (adapted Dr Paul Bedford 2007)

The research has clearly shown that, If our fitness team speak to our members:

- They turn up more often

- They pay for longer

- They rate your customer service higher

- They are more likely to refer a friend


What we do for you:


(Table 2)

We’ve all had the experience of having the rare occasional team member that has had extraordinary people skills and the ability to proactively engage with every type of member in the club, you know the type and you wish you could clone them!

Where did they develop those ‘soft skills, how can they always be interacting on the gym floor and always seem to motivated to do so???

It’s a question that has eluded the industry for many years – there have been many different approaches tried from various gym challenges to engage the members (which general attract only a small % of uptake) to well intended customer service initiatives such as ‘member moments’ giving out fruit etc etc. In our experience these fail in most instances because of the lack of ownership from the gym team also the methods of rewarding are highly subjective and in some instances counter productive!

The simple answer is in 3 must have traits:

1 - Having ownership of the objective 

2 - Having ownership of the environment you operate within

3 - Having a true passion for your product!

The excellent team member has all three in abundance, however this can also be developed in the rest of your team as well!

Our Approach:

1We take the time to understand your needs carefully analysing where you are right now and where you want to be in the future

2 – We help you identify improvements that can be made and we quantify the benefits to you of making those improvements

3 – We work with you to implement the agreed solutions. We are not here to tell you what to do but we will be the catalyst that will
      help you grow and make the changes you want to make

Practical Application Rules!

In brief, our application of the flowchart above (table 2) starts with data analysis of your membership, it’s profile and current satisfaction levels  through a net promoter score survey (NPS) as part of stage 1.

However the key stage which historically can be delivered without foresight is stage 3 – ‘Training’This is where our 18 years of fitness professional, development and team management experience delivers. Your team will develop ‘ownership’ of quality interaction which is paramount along with the key performance indicators (KPI’s) being set to ensure data analysis for performance, evaluation, reward and development purposes appropriately.

We offer a free exploratory meeting to new clients, to discuss your needs and look at how we can work with you to get the results you want. If you would like to know further information please call us now on 0780 559 6478 or CLICK TO FIND OUT MORE


  • ” I was extremely pleased with the training delivered by KiMotion especially because of the diverse team of Fit-Pros we have, they all have been able to implement specific aspects according to their individual strengths!”

    Tim Bright - Fitness Manager Exclusive Fitness