Great Glutes

Aug 25th, 2013

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Great Glutes

What’s a great functional and performance exercise for the glutes?

Anything that involves Flexion – ADduction – Internal Rotation of the hip together prior to Extension – ABduction – External Rotation of the hip together.

Know any exercises that fit the bill?

Easy ‘Ice Skaters’
As you jump to the side (laterally) you will eccentrically load the glutes decelerating the hip flexion-adduction-internal rotation and as you explode out to the opposite side (laterally) concentrically you will create hip extension-abduction-lateral rotation working your glutes one side at a time as they are designed to be worked in function and performance utilising gravity, ground reaction force and your mass and momentum.

Brilliant go do some!

While the squat is a fantastic exercise for a number of other reasons such as strength, mass and hormonal improvements, if functional transference of an exercise is the objective, than we need to consider the role our muscles play in 3 dimensional movement and how we can create the right eccentric ‘load to explode’ in the 3 dimensions and of course performing the exercise in as similar an environment as possible for more effective transfer and benefit.

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Marlon W


Gary Gray, Dr David Tiberio, Doug Gray Gray Institute

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