Dominic A
REP’s Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

MA RCA , BA Honours, Btec GNVQ Advanced, Btec GNVQ Intermediate
My ongoing mission is as a personal trainer is to create greater insight into health and positively influence change through exercise awareness and lifestyle choice.
My creative research driven approach to fitness and movement creates highly challenging workouts with specific adaptations for the individual considering and incorporating all levels of ability through my thorough initial consultation assessment.
My training style follows a whole body approach through functional kinetic chain movement with the aim of synchronising all muscular systems to form a coherent base for strength, correct posture and cardiovascular efficiency both during and after the sessions.
The minimal use of equipment in my sessions focuses on compound movement patterns.
Maximum muscular integration, efficiency and energy expenditure and are at the fore front of the planning that goes into my full body anatomically balanced high intensity interval programmes.
Throughout the duration of my professional practise I have combined my passion for fitness with my creative masters degree from the Royal College of Art in Industrial product Design. This has enabled me to create versatile and practical exercise products. These minimal pieces of kit aim to promote compound weight bearing cardiovascular exercises in the smallest space possible.
Every individual client presents me with a unique and exciting challenge through their lifestyle and nutrition, level of fitness, flexibility, and medical history.
I feel truly rewarded and fulfilled in my professional practise when I can inspire true lifestyle change in people through a journey of self discovery and a personal realisation of true physical capabilities and ability to attain their specific goals.