Marlon W
Marlon W

REP’s Level 4 Exercise Specialist Lead Trainer and Therapist

I have been training clients for over 20 years and Personal Trainers for over 8 years and I still have the passion to motivate and see you develop and achieve what you want!

I also believe in sharing and leading by example and my own training is integral to my well being and what keeps me motivated and astounded by what the human mind and body is capable of when used effectively.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with some amazing individuals over the years and there are two things I never lose sight of in regards to application: 1) Each person adapts individually to training, sounds obvious, summed up by identifying their individual physical, biological and behavioural characteristics not always obvious when it comes to some of us!  2) I understand how challenging change and commitment can be, this I always bear in mind in the sharing and delivery of my sessions and lectures.

My background was initially in combat sports and martial arts and this led further to study Sports and Exercise Science and numerous vocational qualifications that would potentially bore anyone not interested. My particular area of focus is on Therapeutic Neuroscience and Movement Education, 3D movement analysis and performance enhancement. I bring over 20 years’ experience across the fitness industry; as an Instructor, Fitness Manager, Personal Trainer/Therapist and Lead Fitness Lecturer and have made a major contribution in training fitness instructors/PT’s for two of the UK’s largest training providers and throughout have maintained a PT client base for over 15 years. Also I’ve been a member on the Register of Exercise Professional’s Council since 2007 and a previous Fitness Industry Association (FIA) Flame Award nominee, but more importantly and above all I have first hand experience in both what does and does not work in GETTING YOU RESULTS!

I founded Kimotion Training originally six years ago and have built an amazing team of forward thinking professionals of which our collective mission is:

“to deliver the highest quality of training provision that in turn is truly focused on the achievement of our clients goals to enhance their well being and performance while maintaining our professional status and always continuing to develop our ‘applied knowledge’ to this endeavour”.