Rob M
REP’s Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer and Conditioning Specialist

As a serving firefighter in the London Fire Brigade I know how important it is to be fit, strong and healthy. To me that doesn’t mean being able to bench press 150kg or bicep curl the heaviest dumbbell the gym has, if you struggle at day-to-day activities, plagued by injuries or can’t carry out the simplest of tasks.

To me its important to have a high level of functional fitness, strength and well-being, based around your individual life and needs. Whether that’s training for a sport or triathlon, demands from a physical job or family life. Improving overall fitness to be able to do it all and staying free from injury.

As a child and young adult I was over weight and definitely not in to sport in any way and visiting a gym never entered my mind. I finally found something I enjoyed but more importantly I started seeing results which drove me on.

Ask yourself – What’s the point in training if you don’t have a goal and progress toward them?
Once I did it for myself I trained and qualified as a personal trainer not only to improve my knowledge and skills but also to be able to share with others, help them avoid the mistakes I made and inspire them to achieve their individual objectives.

Seeing changes in my clients is what motivates me and how the effects of hard work, a good diet and dedication can help you achieve the goals you may have been after for years.

Our sessions will not be nice and easy, they will be hard work, fun, interesting and we will do whatever is needed to be done to achieve and progress to YOUR goals.