Personal Training Services Look and feel great! Our bespoke service is truly individually designed for you, the discerning client
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Currently we have 0 spaces left which qualify you for £50 OFF the standard block session investment however, please be aware once they’ve gone you’ll have to join our Waiting List for first refusal.                          Thank You  - The KMT Team

Our Personal Training Mission!

“to deliver the highest quality of personal training that in turn is truly focused on the achievement of our clients goals to enhance their well being and performance while maintaining our professional status and always continuing to develop our ‘applied knowledge’ to this endeavour”

Why Choose our Personal Trainers?

  • All KMT Personal trainers are a minimum of REP’s Lev 3 and are fully insured.
  • All are certified in CPR and first aid.
  • All have extensive experience in training and more importantly successfully achieving goals and results for clients just like you, please see the Team Profiles.
  • Your Personal Trainer will be focused only on you during your sessions; it’s about you and your success not themselves or their ego!
  • We track your progress throughout so we can update your sessions to maximise their effect and benefits while also keeping you motivated and enjoying each and every one!


Personal Training Your Way!

Personal Training Nutritional Services

  • We identify your biochemical individuality through Metabolic Typing©  to ensure your nutritional advice will support your success.  We adhere to the fact that no one of us are the same, physiologically (in particular our biochemistry)  or psychologically (our behaviors) . We are all very different in how we have developed and adapted over our years. This of course will  mean that our nutritional requirements to sustain, replenish and grow and what our mind set is towards food and eating will all be very, very different. We contentiously believe that there is no such thing as a singular healthy diet as what is right for one person can be totally wrong for another. We base your advice on Metabolic Typing©  which through the use of effective screening and questionnaires will help identify what type you are and more importantly specify what the best food sources are for you as an individual at this particular phase of your life. While there are many other methods, approaches and dare we say it ‘diets’ out there, our belief over the past 20 years of research and experience in the application of nutritional advice is the more we can understand YOU and YOUR individual biochemistry the better. This can truly liberate you from a world of confusion and will transform the way you Look, Feel and Eat!
“One man’s meat is another man’s poison” Lucretius

Personal Training Learning and Development Styles

  • We screen you effectively to find out your preferred method of development and how you like to be motivated arguably one of the most important and often  misunderstood aspects of personal training and motivation, something we at KMT believe can ‘make or break it’ for you! Does your PT know how to communicate with you effectively? Or do they just shout “one more rep!” or “c’mon push through!” or words to that effect? These phrases can motivate some individuals when used at the right time however they can have the opposite effect when used repeatedly and at the wrong time!

At KMT we understand that we all are motivated in different ways and also have preferences on how we learn and develop. If your trainer is aware of this they can truly find the right method and style of communication that works best for as an individual. That is why all our clients are asked to complete a short, quick and easy Learning Styles Questionnaire that will help us identify your preferences and truly tailor your workout for you. That way you’ll be sure to get the most out of each and every session as well as making it easier to achieve your objectives! We believe this should be part of any consultation and screening process, so find out now for yourself what method works best for you, download and complete your KMT Questionnaire and if needed feedback to your existing trainer or contact us because after all that’s why it’s called PERSONAL training!


  • “Marlon’s passion for fitness is infectious and it’s this enthusiasm that is articulated through his unique training approach and consistent commitment to each and every client under his guidance.”
    Steve Banson - Johnson corporation

Personal Training Packages

All packages include: A free 30 min consultation to discuss your goals and objectives, medical history, KMT screening questionnaire followed by our Succession Plan Summary. This will give an overview of what would be the best approach to address and achieve your needs as well as giving you insight and tools that you can take away and apply immediately.  Our bespoke service is tailored to your individual requirements and reflects your physical, biological and behavioural characteristics to ensure you get an integrated approach throughout the planning and delivery of your sessions. Your trainer will discuss further details with you and of course answer any questions you may have.

1 Session- £80 Investment – This includes the FREE consultation (as above) and one very productive session which will show you what you are capable of!
5 Session pack- £300 Investment – This is a great package that will allow you to train once per week with one of the KMT Team to support your own training regime!
10 Session pack- £450 Investment - This is the package we most recommend as it allows a longer term commitment to achieving your goals as well as the flexibility of the frequency of your session choice!
The Kick Starter Session is perfect for clients who just need a little help form our professional team to make sure what they plan to do is effective and will achieve their objectives and goals. This includes:

  • Single 1 to 1 training session
  • Screening, Functional Movement Analysis and Testing if required
  • Personal prescribed programme
  • Personal prescribed nutrition plan
  • Follow up for the first month

All of the above for only- £100 investment

The Quick-Fix package is for those of you that want it now! We know that working out requires commitment, we also know that most of us want the results with minimal fuss. Most of us struggle with change, of course unless it’s for the good and this is the nearest you’ll come to that ‘Quick Fix’, get it done and get it done FAST! It requires you to train 4 times per week, week in, week out for 4 weeks, results are always seen. Of course a bespoke nutritional plan is provided for maximum benefit. 4 sessions per week for three months- £1250 investment
4 sessions per week for two months- £900 investment
4 sessions per week for one month- £500 investment
It’s all about that perfect day! We know how looking your best will mean so much to you and your loved ones for years to come! So look your absolute best and make that day perfect for you both. Our team of trainers will deliver the results specifically designed for you; what’s more they will be enjoyable and fun! Each Bride or Groom pack includes: • 3 sessions per week • A nutritional plan every two weeks • Re-evaluation every two weeks • Measurements taken every two weeks which includes body fat percentage Two month package only- £1000 investment
Three month package only- £1500 investment
These are designed for those of you that really wish to commit to the the goals that will truly impact on your life in every area! Includes 3 sessions per week and through analysis and testing we will focus upon: Hormonal Profiling – We will look at your bodyfat storage sites and compile a Personal Metabolic Profile. This takes into consideration your optimal biochemistry and hormonal balances or usually imbalances, and directs us to implement a specific nutritional plan to re-balance your profile optimally and address specific fat deposits.  As part of the package your profile will be re-evaluated throughout your sessions to maximise its benefits. Posture – we can all be affected psychologically by poor posture, ever noticed how forward and low the head is positioned when depressed! Next time you’re in a low mood notice your head position – is it low? Bring it back and up and see its effect, not just physically but on your mood and emotion. In fact it’s quite hard to be depressed and keep your head up! The Feel Good factor – enjoying the dynamic design of the human body and being  physically active is inherently in our design. However this over time and through modern society has been less and less utilised and in some cases lost from our lifestyles  We at KMT are keenly aware that most of us are no longer hunter/gatherers although if you can with our help identify what works for you and re-ignite this trait you’ll get all the benefits you want and wonder how you ever lived without it! We wish to instill the right physical activity for your Physiology, Biology and Psychology! 3 month personal training package- £1300 investment
4 month personal training package- £1800 investment
5 month personal training package- £2100 investment
6 month personal training package- £2500 investment
This is perfect for those of you who would like the added motivation of a partner or friend to workout with as well making a saving! You’ll get the services of an Elite KMT Trainer who’ll consult, devise and implement the sessions designed for you both to benefit from regardless of your individual abilities or motivations. 1 to 2 clients’             £35 each
1 to 3 clients’             £25 each
Kimotion Training specialises in working with clients in South West, Central London. We also cover other areas of London upon request.

Personal Training Locations

•Barnes •Battersea •Chelsea •City •Clapham •Fulham •Kensington •Kew •Marylebone •Mayfair •Mortlake •Putney •Richmond •Roehampton •Soho •St John’s Wood •St James Park •Swiss Cottage •Wandsworth •Waterloo •West End •Wimbledon

We keep it simple and convenient for our clients by coming to you in your home, or your local park. We bring all the necessary equipment.


However if you prefer to have your session within a Gym environment we are proud to use Physical Culture Gym Putney. Which is a superior equipped facility in which to achieve your results! The environment is synonymous with ‘real training’ for ‘real results’. Please click here for more details.

As you can see KiMotion Training covers a wide area of London, however if you do not see the location or area of your choice or you have any concerns about space and the type of training location please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.


Just click this or call us on: 0780 559 6478 and we’ll confirm a time and place for the consultation, in which we’ll chat over what you want to achieve, we’ll then formulate a Succession Plan and your best options to achieve your goals as well as answer any further questions you may have. Rest assured there is absolutely NO obligation to book our services and as a minimum you’ll get some qualified advice to go away with!
The training can take place in your home, office (space and permission allowing) or in a local park for your convenience.
All sessions must be paid for in advance and are non-refundable. In the case of serious injury or medical conditions as diagnosed by a medical professional refunds for long term packages are considered on an individual basis where evidence has been produced
All Kimotion Trainers are a minimum of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP’s) Register Lev 3 and fully insured for your peace of mind.
All our trainers have had extensive experience in delivering the quickest possible results that are achieved safely and effectively with added motivation and enjoyment. Personal training is about you achieving and not about the trainer and their ego!
All standard package sessions MUST be used within 90 days of purchase unless prior notification is obtained in writing with the individual trainer.
No although appropriate clothing and foot wear is essential as well as water!
  • You must give at least 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel a session. Failure to do so will result in you being charged the full amount
If you are up to ten minutes late, we will go ahead with the session as planned. However, if you are more than ten minutes late, we are entitled to reschedule the session.
  • All payments for personal training sessions must be paid for in advance
  • Kimotion Training reserves the right to change the charges at any time
  • Each trainer is solely responsible for the health and safety of their clients during each session.
  • Kimotion Training ensures that they are suitably insured and qualified to deliver on Kimotion Training’s behalf
  • You must give at least 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel a session. Failure to do so will result in you being charged the full amount
  • In the event of a trainer being unable to deliver a session Kimotion Training will endeavour to re-arrange the session or in agreement with you and with your permission arrange for another trainer to perform the session.
  • All sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable
  • In the case of serious injury or medical conditions as diagnosed by a medical professional refunds for long term packages are considered on an individual basis where evidence has been produced
  • All standard package sessions have an expiry date of 90 days after the date of purchase unless otherwise mutually agreed

We believe in delivering a truly individual service so if you have any further questions or would prefer just  to chat over any more details don’t hesitate to give us a call. It’s that easy!


Dominic A

REP’s Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer and Nutritionist MA RCA , BA Honours, Btec GNVQ Advanced, Btec GNVQ Intermediate My ongoing mission is as a personal trainer is to create greater insight into health and positively influence change through exercise awareness and lifestyle choice. My creative research driven approach to fitness and movement creates highly challenging workouts with specific adaptations for the individual considering and incorporating all levels of ability through my thorough initial consultation assessment. My training style follows a whole body approach through functional kinetic chain movement with the aim of synchronising all muscular systems to form a coherent base for strength, correct posture and cardiovascular efficiency both during and after the sessions. The minimal use of equipment in my sessions focuses on compound movement patterns. Maximum muscular integration, efficiency and energy expenditure and are at the fore front of the planning that goes into my full body anatomically balanced high intensity interval programmes. Throughout the duration of my professional practice I have combined my passion for fitness with my creative masters degree from the Royal College of Art in Industrial product Design. This has enabled me to create versatile and practical exercise products. These minimal pieces of kit aim to promote compound weight bearing cardiovascular exercises in the smallest space possible. Every individual client presents me with a unique and exciting challenge through their lifestyle and nutrition,  level of fitness, flexibility, and medical history. I feel truly rewarded and fulfilled in my professional practise when I can inspire true lifestyle change in people through a journey of self discovery and a personal realisation of true physical capabilities and ability to attain their specific goals.  


Susy F

REP’s Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer and Holistic Therapist I have worked in the health and wellbeing world (PROVIDING MOBILE MASSAGE TO COMPANIES/EVENTS/CONFERENCES AND PARTIES) since 1999 and became ‘One of London’s top 50 Wellbeing Guru’s’ with press in Evening Standard, Harpers Bazaar and the Sunday Express (visit I have fulfilled my life long dream of becoming a personal trainer through having always struggled with my own weight, so I have a realistic empathy in this particular area. I offer you a bespoke exercise plan and programme which includes nutritional interventions specified to your individual requirements as well as an holistic approach to your goal achievement. I will guide, inspire and help you get you to your goals, whether you want to lose weight, be generally healthier, feel more energetic, look great or all of them!

Jerome S

Jerome Sawyers

REP’s Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer and Specialist I feel I am an enthusiastic and highly motivated individual who understands the importance of assessing clients as individuals and focusing on their personal requirements and goals when designing tailor made personal training sessions. Having trained a diverse range of clients. Helping them to achieve their full potential through educating, empowering (both mentally/physically) and supporting them through their personal health and fitness journey. I strive to make all my sessions interesting and challenging. Ensuring that each client leaves feeling motivated, energised and most importantly with a sense of accomplishment

Marlon W

Marlon W

REP’s Level 4 Exercise Specialist Lead Trainer and Therapist  I have been training clients for over 20 years and Personal Trainers for over 7 years and I still have the passion to motivate and see you develop and achieve what you want!

I also believe in sharing and leading by example and my own training is integral to my well being and what keeps me motivated and astounded by what the human mind and body is capable of when used effectively.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with some amazing individuals over the years and there are two things I never lose sight of in regards to application: 1) Each person adapts individually to training, sounds obvious, summed up by identifying their individual physical, biological and behavioural characteristics not always obvious when it comes to some of us!  2) I understand how challenging change and commitment can be, this I always bear in mind in the sharing and delivery of my sessions and lectures.

My background was initially in combat sports and martial arts and this led further to study Sports and Exercise Science and numerous vocational qualifications that would potentially bore anyone not interested. My particular area of focus is on 3D movement analysis, postural correction and performance enhancement  suffice it to say I bring over 20 years’ experience across the fitness industry; as an Instructor, Fitness Manager, Personal Trainer/Therapist and Lead Fitness Lecturer and have made a major contribution in training fitness instructors/PT’s for two of the UK’s largest training providers and throughout have maintained a PT client base for over 15 years. Also I’ve been a member on the Register of Exercise Professional’s Council since 2007 and a previous Fitness Industry Association (FIA) Flame Award nominee, but more importantly and above all I have first hand experience in both what does and does not work in GETTING YOU RESULTS!

I founded Kimotion Training originally six years ago and have built an amazing team of forward thinking professionals of which our collective mission is:

“to deliver the highest quality of training provision that in turn is truly focused on the achievement of our clients goals to enhance their well being and performance while maintaining our professional status and always continuing to develop our ‘applied knowledge’ to this endeavour”.

‘Real People – Real Results’

I was recommended to Dominic by a great friend who has been working with him for almost a year.  As a result of Dominic’s well-balanced programme, my friend’s figure has been completely transformed as has her attitude towards nutrition.  Before Dom, she was someone who always reached for a Diet Coke.  Now, she looks forward to her health shakes of spinach, bananas and wheat grass.
After spending years running in the park and working out in gyms my body shape and weight hardly changed. Since I started working with Dominic, my silhouette, muscle tone and general fitness have greatly improved.  Plus, I have lost 10 pounds.
Dominic is always on time, has a wonderful attitude, it completely trustworthy and provides exciting training in a calm and safe manner.  He is a delight to work with. I highly recommend him for any personal training.
Mrs. Julie B
I have been training with Marlon for the past 7 or is it 8 years? Anyway the reason I continue is that over the years he has made me aware of so much more than just my posture, control and aesthetic quality of form! He has achieved so much for not just my body but how I feel about myself….a little psycho babble I know but the best part is that he avoids being the guru who knows it all as like so many other PT’s out there, so if you want honest down to earth support and development for your mind and body I couldn’t recommend Kimotion Training enough! Oops forgot to mention thank you for everything……”
Mr Rob McD
“I am a 45 year old “girl” who has had a life-long issue with food and my weight. I’ve always known that somewhere inside me there is a girl who respects herself enough to exercise regularly and make healthy choices (less wine!) but somehow, for decades, I found legitimate excuses (brain chemistry, back problems, stress, mother of many, dedicated wife, etc.) NOT to make those necessary changes. Then, one lovely day about 18 months ago, I met Dominic. And he has changed my life.
Of course I tried working out with other personal trainers over the years, but I never quite clicked with any of them. Dom is an extraordinary mix of personal trainer, nutritionist, psychologist, and supportive friend. He immediately focused on what did and did not motivate me and tailored a plan accordingly. He only supports my efforts and never criticises; even when I’m disappointed in myself, he insists that I move on and focus on the future only. He knows that I’m impatient and am motivated by quick results, so he shares with me the latest research about getting healthy results as quickly as possible and often forwards relevant articles of texts to check on my progress. He studies and designs exercises which are SO efficient that we manage to do what feels like three work-outs in one session, and the results are truly amazing. Dom goes over and beyond like no other professional I have ever encountered.
When I first met with Dom, I was very worried about the risk of injuring my back again, but he carefully designed a program which slowly built up my core strength to a point where, not only have I had NO back pain for 18 months, but I had the courage to try skiing again after ten years of being too paralysed by fear to even attempt a blue run. Hilariously, I can now do exercises and lift weights which impress even my rugby-playing 13 yr old son. I love that my children now think of me as a strong and healthy mum instead of the wine-drinking couch-potato I was two years ago.
One of my most legitimate excuses historically for my lethargic lifestyle and not exercising regularly was that for years I had suffered from depression which meant I could barely face getting out of bed much less sprinting around a park or lifting weights to get lovely arms for the summer. What I’ve now learned with Dom is that NOTHING is more effective in terms of increasing my serotonin levels than regular exercise, a decent diet which includes proteins and good fats, and sleep. I look back and realise that although I do believe that sometimes pharmaceuticals are imperative for certain types and situations of depression, I might have saved myself years of frustrating side-effects and weight-gain (and unhealthy self-medicating with wine, etc.) if I’d just taken the first step by trying to exercise regularly. Dom has helped SO much by just gently teaching me more about the science behind nutrition and exercise and gently encouraging me to meet to do SOMETHING even when I genuinely don’t think I can face the day.
If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. I was never ever a breakfast girl, always preferring a cup of coffee (or three) on the go, but slowly slowly by just listening to Dom’s experiences and what he’s learned, I now start every day with a healthy breakfast smoothie which I honestly think has had a massive impact on my energy levels, cravings, and significant weight loss. I now know the healthy “fast-foods” to grab on the go and keep my blood sugar level which genuinely changes my day enormously. That doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle as the sun goes down to continue to make healthy choices, but, looking back over the last 18 months, I know that somehow those bad habits will slowly be replaced by better habits too, and I know now that long-term success is about the little day-to-day positive changes/choices you make.
To be honest, though, the most miraculous change has been in my body. Because I know Dom would say not to focus on the number on the scale, suffice it to say that I now wear jeans that are 4 sizes smaller than when I met Dom, and everywhere I go, friends comment on how I look like a completely different person. Most importantly, I FEEL like a completely different person. I have muscle definition, and I LOOK like a healthy fit person. Thanks to Dom, I have taken responsibility for my health, my shape, and my future as I move towards the inevitable challenges of an ageing body.
I could go on and on, but, for now, Dom, I just want to say Thank You, and I look forward to working with you for as long as you have the patience to put up with me.
All the best, G
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